The Industrial Internet of Things: It’s Here, It Works, It’s Dolphin Monitoring

Dolphin Monitoring IIoT by Av & Company Ltd Automation is an end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that combines the amazing efficiency of the MQTT data-transfer protocol with the unlimited data acquisition and development power of the Dolphin Monitoring application platform. With Dolphin Monitoring, you can easily connect to plant-floor and field devices at the edge of your network, and push data from thousands of devices across numerous sites through a central MQTT infrastructure to both industrial and business applications.

                                                                    Benefits of Using Dolphin Monitoring Solution:

Unlimited Licensing:

Unlimited tags, devices and database connections, and clients

Decouple Devices and Applications:

Make all your data accessible through a pub/sub architecture

Universal Platform:

IIoT, SCADA, alarming, reporting, and more — on one platform

Streamline Your Data Pipeline:

Create one efficient pipeline for all your IIoT data

Built on Trusted IT Standards:

MQTT, Java, SQL, OPC UA, and Python

Powerful Partnerships:

We also offer IIoT solutions for Dolphin Monitoring developed by the MQTT experts at Cirrus Link Solutions

For years, industrial applications have polled for data by directly connecting to devices, resulting in antiquated systems that are unnecessarily complicated, nearly impossible to scale, and that leave huge amounts of data stranded in the field. By leveraging the MQTT protocol’s publish-and-subscribe methodologies, Ignition decouples devices from applications and pushes the polling to the edge of the network. This creates one streamlined data pipeline that frees data to be instantly accessible to the entire enterprise, without straining data bandwidth.

One Universal Platform for IIoT, and More

Dolphin Monitoring is the only IIoT platform with built-in tools for creating full-featured SCADA systems. Dolphin Monitoring is modular, so you can easily add fully integrated software modules for building industrial applications such as, alarming, reporting and more. With Dolphin Monitoring, you can connect to all your IIoT data, rapidly develop any kind of industrial application, and instantly web-launch clients to virtually any device — all without limits.


Do Even More with Dolphin Monitoring & IIoT

Third-Party MQTT Platform Integration

Full integration with other MQTT platforms: Azure, AWS IoT, Watson IoT, and more

Exceptional Redundancy and Security

Security, disaster recovery, and high availability are native capabilities of MQTT infrastructures.

Seamless Integration with Dolphin Monitoring

All Av & Company Ltd solutions work seamlessly together for easy system integration.

Dynamic Reporting

Create a full range of dynamic, data-rich reports and send them anywhere.

Alarming Notification

Set up an alarming system that sends notifications to you through email, SMS, and voice.

Industrial Historian

Turn a SQL database into a high-performance time-series tag historian.

HMIs and Dashboards

Create high-performance HMIs and enterprise dashboards to display your data.

Get Mobile Access

Get mobile access to your industrial applications via smartphones and tablets.

Instant Installs and Updates

Install on a server in just 3 minutes; push updates to clients everywhere, instantly.

Totally Cross-Platform

Works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and more.

Concurrent Web-Launched Designers

Comes out the box with the industry’s most powerful IDE.

Unlimited Clients

Deliver data to anyone without additional costs.