Edge Computing: Data Collection and HMI 

on board vessel.

Extend Your Network, Not Your Budget

Capturing and visualizing critical data at the vessel can be difficult and expensive. Dolphin Monitoring by Av & Company is a line of lightweight, limited, low-cost Dolphin Monitoring solutions designed specifically for embedding into field and OEM devices at the edge of the network. With Dolphin Monitoring, edge computing is easier and more affordable than ever, so you can extend your data collection, visualization, and system management all the way to the edge of your network.

Access Data from PLCs or any other devices

For easy PLC connections, all Dolphin Edge Monitoring solutions come with up tp 500 tags and are equipped with OPC UA, along with drivers for modbus, TCP, NMEA 0183 for all navigation instruments and libraries for the most common flow meters such as Simenes, Yokogava, Kral, Emerson, Krohne.

Poll Data at the Source

Dolphin Monitoring makes edge computing easy. Install Dolphin Monitoring right onto, or next to, devices on the engine room or in the field so you can process data as close to the source as possible. This allows you to make device data the one source of truth, improving data reliability and reducing latency.