Dolphin Monitoring : The Unlimited Platform for data visualization, reporting & alarming

Setup complex alarming 
systems with ease and get notifications instantly.

Edge Computing
Capture and visualize 
critical data at the remote edge 
(On board Vessel).

Make your data more 
accessible and efficient 
with MQTT

Easily create and deliver dynamic, database-driven reports.

Easily control, track, display, & analyze your processes.

Dolphin Monitoring
Frequently Asked Questions.

Vessel Fuel Logging & Performance System

  • Comprehensive fuel management to increase efficiency 
  • Real time data on-board and onshore 
  • Fleet overview 
  • Speed optimization 
  • Emissions monitoring Integration with existing systems 
  • Configurable alarms 
  • Meet IOC/Charterer requirements 
  • Reporting 
  • Data integrity and secure back-up 
  • Energy Management 
  • Project management from point of sale to installation 
  • Remote service capability Worldwide support

Tactically ensure your fleets' optimum efficiency with Dolphin Monitoring Solution

Increased pressure on industry to both reduce costs and evaluate performance has resulted in greater focus on improving vessels' technical and operational efficiency. Rising bunker fuel costs and environmental concerns have elevated this drive towards efficient fleet optimization even further.

There is an ever-growing list of actors with a stake in a vessel’s performance management. Cargo owners, charter companies, banks, investors and insurance companies all require transparency and evidence of commitment to efficiency measures in their contract requirements.